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Whale Watching Report

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transient Orcas at Deception Pass

We didn’t have to travel very far in order to find orcas today, and we found them in a very picturesque setting, just 45 minutes into our trip. We traveled southward, and arrived on scene with transient orcas just after they swam under Deception Pass Bridge. It was the T36 pod, and there were 7-9 of them. Just a few moments after arriving one of the females did a breach and landed on her back! They were all grouped up as they swam into Rosario Strait and northward. They spread out into two groups for a while. We had plenty of great viewing of this pod that included two young orcas with their moms. We peeled off after a while to look at some harbor seals and a steller sea lion at Bird Rocks, hoping the orcas would come over and start hunting. They swam right for the rocks but didn’t appear to be hungry as they passed on by. The orcas kept working their way northward in a steady pace until they reached Blakely Island. That is when the trailing group really started to speed up. They were porpoising time after time until they caught up with the first group. We thought that the chase was on for a hunt, but we couldn’t tell for sure. We peeled off again hoping to find a bald eagle along the shoreline of Cypress Island, but we didn’t have any luck with that plan. So we cruised over to look at the orcas one last time, and we timed it perfectly as they neared Peapod rocks. The transients appeared to be chasing something. We are not sure if they caught anything or not, but they did act as if they had a meal. We saw a big spyhop and a couple of tail lobs along with lots of splashing around to give us an entertaining finale. What an awesome day!